Tyler John Weiss


Troy, Indiana

A small town in southern Indiana a just a few miles from the Ohio River.

A Bit of My Background

I graduated from Indiana University, majoring in Informatics in which my cognate was Telecommunications, specifically media production, and finished up adding a minor in IT. While completing my senior year I worked two part-time internships, one as a graphic designer for Bloomington Transit. I took care of the bus ads and additions to the website, but I also found myself taking the role of providing tech support around the office. The other internship was with IU Utilities in which I interacted with the database to populate tables with meter readings and create emission charts. Outside of my internships I served on the Technology Committee for IUDM while at IU. I personally found it to be very gratifying. After I had finished my degree I took a job working for Highland Solutions in downtown Chicago. While working there I did web

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application development for a number of different clients. I learned a lot about process analysis and how to mold different technologies to work with the flow of a business.


Soccer is a big interest of mine and although I do not follow games on TV very much, I do like to play often if I can find groups/teams to play with. This was my way of keeping in shape throughout college. I also enjoy the social aspect of the game.

Wrestling is also a sport that I have been involved with for a long time. I was an assistant wrestling coach at my old high school and helped out with the Tell City Freestyle Wrestling Club for a couple of years. I have two brothers who also wrestle ( I am myself the eldest). The middle brother went to Rend Lake, IL on a scholarship to wrestle, he has since transfered to Indiana University to study in the health field. The youngest brother, still in high school, last year placed in the top eight at the State Finals. Recently he medaled in the Disney Duels as a member of the Hoosier Elite. I am proud of them both. Our parents have been very supportive of our interest and the importance of our education throughout it all.

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